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 1 Nation Foundation
is a non-profit organization started by seven young men who grew up among the diverse urban and inner-city communities. Our organization is based upon the repairing of the very issues we lived through personally and witnessed in the lives of friends, neighbors, and even family. In recognizing that the positive changes we long for begin within each individual, we have made it our life's work to be a part of actual solutions. We operate as a Central Hub for the community to gather and put resources back out into the community to foster positive growth, unity, healing, education, and to fulfill our mission statement. The more people that get involved, the bigger the impact. It's time to start taking an active role in shaping the world our children will inherit. Let's build. 

Our Mission

   As a Transparent, Goal Oriented, and Passionate Coalition, we strive with purpose and all diligence to labor together within our local and global communities to build a strong network that fosters liberation.  We aim to do this with the combined efforts and selfless cooperation of each individual along with the talents, skills and ideas they possess. We are here to labor in peace while acting as a central hub for those who seek to learn, heal, aid, volunteer, or join the work with us or  those affiliated with 

 1 Nation Foundation.  
  The more of us that participate and contribute to the cause will enable us to alleviate many of the social, financial, judicial and educational ills that plague our existence and communities. The turnaround starts from within organically, unifying hearts and minds of all who look toward solutions. Can two walk together except they be agreed?

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We live in a society where many people, especially children, are suffering from

sicknesses, allergies, and various disorders. In addition to that, the in-ability to have mental clarity, emotional stability, and physical peace, drives many to self destruction. One of the most common ways we fall into these traps is by what we chose to put into our bodies. Learn how to prepare simple, low cost, delicious dishes, and repair your body in the process.


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