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Who We Are

 1 Nation Foundation
is not a religious organization.

We are a nation of people who believe that The Bible is a historical record, and our nation, and all others, are recorded therein.

We stand on the principles of these records, according to what is written for our nation.
We operate with the understanding of the laws, statutes, and commandments written in these records, and other records scribed by our ancestors.

These records were written with the intent that we would walk, live, and practice these laws for the health and welfare of our nation, that we might live and have peace. 

Our Mission

   As a Transparent, Goal Oriented, and Passionate Coalition, we strive with purpose and all diligence to labor together within our local and global communities to build a strong network that fosters liberation.  We aim to do this with the combined efforts and selfless cooperation of each individual along with the talents, skills and ideas they possess. We are here to labor in peace while acting as a central hub for those who seek to learn, heal, aid, volunteer, or join the work with us or  those affiliated with 

 1 Nation Foundation.  
  The more of us that participate and contribute to the cause will enable us to alleviate many of the social, financial, judicial and educational ills that plague our existence and communities. The turnaround starts from within organically, unifying hearts and minds of all who look toward solutions. Can two walk together except they be agreed?


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